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      • Breakthrough Beat School is coming (seriously)

        Beat School Announcement Have you ever wondered, "what makes the difference between those producers who make it and those who don't?" I'm going to give you a hint. It isn't intelligence, or talent, or dedication. It's not that one person wants success and the other one doesn't. Actually the difference...

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      • The Story of Succes, the Talent Myth

        Practice Habits What one personality trait does every successful beat maker have in common? What is the one thing that's standing the way of the average beat maker, preventing him from becoming next Pharell or Kanye or Daft Punk. I'll give you a hint: it's not "talent."  Why is this...

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      • How to Make Punchy Kicks With the Transient Master Stock Maschine Effect

        Maschine FX: Transient Master Why you need read this...  Are you struggling to get your kicks to really hit like the pros? If you want to to get those punchy and hard-hitting kick drums, then you need to understand how to use maschine's transient master plugin to greatly improve your...

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